The R’s of being green for 2010

The 3 R’s of being green have been around for a long time – reduce, reuse, recycle. They have been the base for consumer education when it comes to taking care of the earth. Today, this base knowledge is one that cannot be ignored. The awareness that each persons participation in caring for the earth does make a difference. It’s about the BIG picture. In this effort, other R’s have joined the base for consumer education and participation.

Reduce: Less is more! 5 minute shower instead of a 20 minute shower, shorter distance travel, lower thermostat and water heater settings, reduce household waste, compost,  buy bulk to reduce packaging…

Reuse: Using the same item more than once, hopefully a lot more! Stainless steel water bottles, shopping bags, glass jars…

Recycle: Turning materials that would otherwise be considered waste into something new – glass is made into new glass containers, paper into new paper (post-consumer waste), plastic into play ground equipment…

Repurpose: Taking something and giving it a different use. Tires as boat fenders, steel drums as feeding troughs, old clothes into quilts, worn out clothes into rags, magazines into paper beads or bowls…

Renewable: When a resource is replaced by natural processes at a rate comparable or faster than its rate of consumption by humans, it is renewable.

Rethink (precycle): Reduce waste by rethinking our purchases. It’s an effort to reduce the amount of stuff that gets put into landfill and recycling bins. Is the product for one time usage? Is the packaging reuseable?…

Regifting (regiving): Taking a gift that you’ve received and gifting it to another. Item should not be used or broken, and of course do not regift it back to the original gift-giver.

Refill: Some companies are offering initiatives for consumers to reuse containers and bring them back for refilling. Soap powders and cleaning fluids.

Replenish: Environmental responsibility – Some companies are planting trees when consumers buy one of their products.

Recreate: If you don’t like what’s going on in the world today, be the change you wish to see. Start a movement, create a shift.

Reestablish: Connect with traditions from past generations: Grow your own food, gardening, canning, farmers markets and community gatherings, quilting, playing games, and have everyone’s hands in the creation of a meal.

Reflect: Taking the time to slow down and be conscious of our actions, choices, lifestyle, and purchases for the higher good of all.

Nature’s Sweet Grace.

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