Between God and Me

I went walking today at one of my favorite forest preserves, Swallow Cliff. The energy here is strong and for me feels like a power spot, an energy vortex.  It attracts many people for exercise and getting out to enjoy nature. On today’s walk there were many flowering plants covering the forest floor and bushes. I kept wishing I had my camera or a drawing pad. I wanted to capture the moment and post some pics to the blog! As I kept walking I noticed the sun shining on an entrance to a path I have not taken before. I looked at this as an open invitation for exploring. I said yes to the invite and entered. The sun’s placement in the sky gave the light shining through the trees visions filled with awe and beauty. The colors of the ground cover seemed more vibrant, the air felt refreshing. At one point on the path I stopped and stood in silence. From the silence came “this moment, this walk, on this path is between the God all around me and my God Self.” And so it was.



Nature’s Sweet Grace.

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