Where are you going?

The illuminated path I walked the other day came with an other experience I’d like to share. Along the path I met another nature walker coming my way. I asked this person where does this path lead, for it was my first time on this trail. He said it was his first time also and the scenery up ahead was spectacular. I thanked him, we both smiled and went on our way.

This interaction reminded me of a story  about two travelers, both heading in the direction where the other was coming from. The first traveler asked the second traveler, “I am going to the village up head to stay awhile, can you tell me what it was like, for you were just there?” The second traveler asked, “What was it like where you just came from?” The first traveler replied, “It was filled with disruption, anger and hostility.” The second traveler replied, “This is what you will find in the village where you are going.”

Moral of the story – What ever is not healed and worked through will follow us to the next place, relationship, job, or opportunity.

Nature’s Sweet Grace.

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