Nature’s Design

apple starStar Power

Every time I cut in half a fruit or vegetable I am continually amazed and in awe of natures design and beauty. One of my favorite fruits to cut in half is the apple. Have you ever cut an apple in half, not down the core lengthwise, but the width of the apple? Inside each apple appears a star, and within the star are seeds. Nature’s way of saying, You are a star, go spread your seeds and watch them grow into a fruitful harvest. The bigger picture, universal connection, reminds us that we are all made of stars.

apple starWhat’s your favorite fruit or vegetable to cut in half so you can marvel at natures design? Send a photo and I’ll post it. Include any credits, name, title, blog. I know I’ll be adding more! I’ll keep a gallery going and we’ll watch it grow – natures design. Now that’s star power.

Take it one step further and get your paints out, paint the flat side of the fruit and make star apple prints on paper or cloth. This a great activity for kids, adults too!

When we’re talking about the topic of the God Light – We’re talking star power – We’re talking the power of the Kosmo. Michael Bernard Beckwith, TranscenDance, 2011

Nature’s Sweet Grace.

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