Mandala Portal

An Evening of Experiential Portals

flower mandala

I gathered with several soulful women this past week-end for a new way of creating. We took turns visiting six different Experiential Portals.

  • Portal One was for creating a mandala, or design, with flower petals and other nature elements. This Portal was about beauty and impermanence. After the flower art was created it was taken apart so the next person could use the flowers to create their mandala.
  • Portal Two had six glasses with colored water filled to different levels. We could create music with the liquid rainbow scale of light by tapping on the glasses with a metal rod.

liquid rainbow scale of light

  • Portal Three we sat looking out a window at nature while listening, with head phones, to Dance of the Medicine Buddha by Jonathan Goldman.
  • Portal Four was all about cosmic swirls of color. We sandwiched several drops of different paint colors between two panels of plexiglass. We moved the top panel in a circular motion to swirl the paint. After taking the panels apart, we placed a sheet of paper on the paint to create  prints. We each made enough prints so each person in the group would receive one.

cosmic swirls of color

  • Portal Five laid out books that each person brought, ones that tugged at our heart. We could tear out pages and use them for the final sixth portal. Ahhhh, the letting go.
  • Portal Six, the final destination. We created a “we are one mandala”  with the flower petals, swirl prints, and torn out book pages. Tearing, cutting, glueing with the shared portal creations, all coming together into one, symbolizing our interconnectedness.

Nature’s Sweet Grace.


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