The Sun is Always Shining

Smiley Face of Sunshine!

playful sunshine on bathroom mirror
Playful sunshine on bathroom mirror.

There are many ways to express our light. I’d like to share with you one that puts a smile on my face. It is a simple, yet powerful, message that the sun is always shining, our life is bright and vibrant. We may not always see or feel this, but it’s there. Sometimes it may take looking at a situation from a different angle to see the bigger picture and that all is well. Enjoy!

After getting out of the shower you may find your bathroom mirror all fogged up. Draw a big smily face of sunshine on your fogged up mirror. You will find that it returns after each time you shower. It’s like a friend who always shows up when you need them.  After the moisture has left the room, the smily face of sunshine is no longer visible. At least that is what it seems. If you were to look from different angles in the room, you would notice the smily face of sunshine is there!

Playful sunshine on bathroom mirror
The sunshine is there, can you see it?
Playful sunshine on bathroom mirror
You can see the sunshine from another angle.

To take this to another level of play and vibration, download this song by Michael Bernard Beckwith, Who Loves You, Baby, Transcendance. This Love is always shining.

Nature’s Sweet Grace.

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