Sky Gazing

What do you see?

Blue, photo of sky

I see the absence of form. Nothing to grasp and say, that’s what we call a flower, that’s what we call a car. It’s a space wide open for; exploring – a canvas for new creations; being – all the thought clouds have gone by and you’ve arrived at the space of stillness; and wellness – blue brings balance to the fifth chakra, throat area for communication and self-expression.

Sky Gazing Meditation: The next time you are outside on a clear blue sky day, lay in the grass and look up at the sky. Begin by setting an intention. Follow your breath through your inhale and exhale, breathing in and out the color blue. If you can, spread your arms out to the side, or rest your hands on your heart. Now, just be and follow the blue breath.

Orb showing up in sky photo
Friendly orb visiting sky gazing photo.

I also see my favorite color, sky blue!

Nature’s Sweet Grace.

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