Feeding three little birdies – Body, Mind & Spirit

Nourishment for our Soul

As I look to nature for introspection and inspiration, three nestlings and a mother bird outside my patio door tell a story of nourishment that I’d like to share with you. Over the last week, the mother bird would leave to find food, then fly back to the gourd house to feed her nestlings, non stop from the time the sun rose to the time the sun set. The nestlings would pop their heads out once in a while eagerly waiting their next feeding. It was as if they were saying mom, come back, I’m hungry, feed me, feed me NOW! On many of the mother’s return visits, just as she was about to rest her feet on the gourd house opening, the nestlings would stretch their bodies out from the gourd house opening, with mouths wide open, vying for the first drop of food. Observing all this feeding activity I would wonder; out of the three nestlings, which one was receiving the most food, will I find a nestling on the ground from stretching too far out of the gourd house, how can the mother continuously do this non-stop, does she have an opportunity to feed herself?

three baby birds in gourd bird house

So let’s take the observation of the three little nestlings to the next step and give each nestling a name, we’ll call them Body, Mind & Spirit. You play the mother bird. Which one do you feed the most? How often? Is it a moment-to-moment daily practice? Is what you feed Body, Mind & Spirit nourishing and sustaining? Or is it short-lived and draining? Are Body, Mind & Spirit in balance? Or is one vying for the me, me, me and not the we, we, we? How far is one willing to stretch to experience growth? Are you taking care of yourself so you have the energy to feed Body, Mind & Spirit? Does caring for Body, Mind & Spirit come from an intuitive space of knowing and feeling from the heart?

three baby birds being fed

Nourish Body, Mind & Spirit and your soul will take flight into the great mystery of life!

Nature’s Sweet Grace.

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