Fernanda and the Brand New Day

Children’s Book

Here is a sneak peak at the children’s book I am coming to completion on. I am having so much fun writing about Fernanda’s adventures. Fernanda and the Brand New Day is the first in a series of three Fernanda books.

Join Fernanda and her family in a story of self-discovery. Fernanda, a young Twiller bird, loves to explore the world around her haven. One adventurous day a little grey cloud questions Fernanda’s world and this Thing appears. She is not quite sure what to make of it and decides to stay with it. Fernanda’s family helps her find her way home after discovering what this Thing could possibly be about. Only Fernanda truly knows.

Once upon a time in a land not to far away, there was a field as wide open and deep as one could see. There were tall grasses, wildflowers, fruit trees, butterflies, bees, and all kinds of plants and creatures. Each day as the sun rose, it brought to the field an abundance of beauty, music and joy that could be felt all around, especially deep, deep inside, in that space that beats like a ba bump, ba bump, ba bump – ba bump, ba bump, ba bump.

One family of two-legged winged creatures, called Twillers, lived in the field next to a Bango fruit tree.  The Mother Twiller, Rosella, cared for her young Twillers – two girls, Fernanda & Nevaeh, and two boys, Onjel & Idris. Each new morning Rosella would take the them out beyond their haven to explore, and show the young Twillers the world around them. She talked of their relationship with this world. She would say, “this is what we call an ant, this is what we call a Bango fruit, this is what we call a blade of grass, and on and on, adding a story about the significance of each and the role it plays to the whole. Rosella would always end the playful and enlightening outings saying, “we are all connected.”

After these illuminated mornings, Fernanda, would go out on her own and explore, always meeting new adventures with curiosity and wonder. “I Am Fernanda The Explorer! Oh Yes I Am. Magnificent As A Wild Flower, Oh Yes I Am.  A Natural Observer Within And Around Me, I Am Fernanda The Explorer! Oh Yes I Am!” she would shout out for all to hear.

One morning – BANG, THUD, – a strange looking thing appeared, as if it came out of nowhere. It was way taller than her and ran a great distance beyond the field. Fernanda was quite curious about this new and strange thing that landed in her world. She flew over it, around it, underneath it, and every which way so she could know more about it.

Finally she decided to land on top of it. It felt a little strange at first, not like sitting in the Bango fruit tree by the haven. Then Fernanda, with her feet stretched out clenching tightly to the edge, decided she was there to stay and would not return home. At least not for now. She felt verrrrry comfortable.

Fernanda sat on this thing all day watching the grasses sway in the wind, butterflies drink nectar from the flowers, and the most amazing sight – four-legged creatures jumping over this thing!

As the day went on, the sun changed it’s place in the sky and lowered itself near the horizon. Fernanda gave out a big yawn. Her lids became heavy and she closed her eyes.

Meanwhile back at the haven, after the night sky became filled with the glitter of flickering lights, Rosella returned to the haven bringing fresh grass for the young Twillers bedding. Rosella noticed right away that Fernanda was not in her usual spot waiting to help lay down the fresh bedding.  “Navaeh, Onjel, Idris, where is Fernanda?”  asked Rosella. “I do not know mama Rosella, the last time I saw her she was washing her feathers in the babbling stream.” said Nevaeh. “I do not know mama Rosella, the last time I saw Fernanda she was kissing a frog!” said Onjel. “I do not know mama Rosella, the last time I saw her she was sitting on a rock singing her song.” said Idris.  “The last time I saw her she gave me a big hug and peck on the cheek before she went off exploring.” said Rosella. Rosella closed her eyes and was quiet for a moment. “Fernanda is well, we will wake early, where the night welcomes the morning sky.” said Rosella. “Let us lie down and be with our dreams.”

A Talking Points guide will follow the story. The parent, teacher, relative, friend, or caretaker, who is reading the book can use the guide to expand on the story behind the story. It’s meant to create discussion, open up the curiosity and imagination, and look at the signs and symbols that surround us each day in a new way.

Nature’s Sweet Grace.

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