Flower Mandalas

Beauty Everywhere Now

flower mandala

What’s pleasantly and presently presenting itself to me are two of my favorite expressions of beauty and joy–flowers and mandalas.  I must have designed new flowers into being during the time of Atlantis, and will continue 10,000 years from now (I love flowers that much)! In this life time I have worked with mandalas as a tool for transformation for over 10 years. Today validated the “do something with this!” When visiting a friend for lunch, next to her front door on her porch was a flower mandala that she created with flowers from her garden (Judy, if you are reading this, please take a pic and send here!) Beautiful. It inspired me so that I came home and created one with the flowers I had in my home. I truly enjoyed the process, the colors, the shapes, and the visual of the completed mandala. I started researching more about flower mandalas and discovered others who are creating them.

The Earth laughs in flowers – Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you know of an artist please share the link in your comment or links to sites about different cultures and flower mandalas.

Nature’s Sweet Grace.

2 thoughts on “Flower Mandalas

    1. togetherone

      With gratitude, creating a mandala from what ever we have around us is a transformational happening. And, for me, lots of fun!

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