Graceful Unfolding

From Snarls and Tangles to Grace and Beauty

Summertime in the Midwest, Queen Anne’s Lace is everywhere along the side of roads, prairies, beaches, gardens, and forest preserves. Visually, its flower head is similar in shape to a snarled and tangled birds nest. I wonder, how could anything so beautiful come from that!? As this snarly and tangly looking nest unfolds, we are graced with a spectacular bouquet that forms a galactic star burst of miniature white flowers. Wow!

Take this unfolding into your day. When energy around you feels heavy, lighten-up with your connection to breath and visualize Queen Anne’s Lace unfolding, gracing each moment with beauty everywhere now.

Flower Queen Anne's LaceFlower Queen Anne's laceFlower Queen Anne's Lace

Nature’s Sweet Grace.

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