Live (verb)

Enjoy Being Alive

be happy, delight, experience, flourish, love, luxuriate, make the most of, prosper, relish, savor, take pleasure, thrive  

(synonyms from

I came across live surfing the thesaurus. The definition stopped me in my tracks. Enjoy being alive. How often does one enter that space, or even experience that level of consciousness, in each moment? It’s not an uncommon tail for everyday worries or fears to weigh us down. To enjoy being alive is a daily practice.

We are living in an extraordinary time. Infinite opportunities and possibilities fill each moment. It’s up to each one of us how enjoy being alive plays out in our story. To help us on our way listen to Swami’s Four-Fold Path to Cosmic Consciousness (9:52 min). It’s found in print format on Swami’s blog. It’s sure to turn the edges of your mouth up and get the belly rumbling with laughter.

Nature’s Sweet Grace.

Enjoy being alive.

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