What’s in Your Spiritual Toolbox?

A Basket Full of Blessings

spiritual tool boxAlong my journey to the here and now I have gathered an array of spiritual tools. I weave these spiritual tools into my day for clearing monkey mind, centering, and to lighten up. Though it does not matter how many I use, or which ones, it truly comes down to knowing thyself and self-mastery. The more I practice, the easier and more natural it comes. Center thyself instantaneously. Yes, it is a daily practice!

Here are a sampling of spiritual tools I weave into my day, a basket full of blessings from Spirit and me, to you. In all their simplicity, these spiritual tools are powerful and empowering.

Meditation, Qigong, nature walk, smile, breath, hum, sing, recite a mantra, stop, look around, smell, feel, listen, clap hands, prayer, laugh, make funny faces, paint, photography, write, journal, dance, call a friend, kindness, pass it forward, play, mindfulness, discernment, try a new recipe or restaurant, read inspiring quotes and book passages, place hand on belly or heart, surround thyself with like-minded soulful beings, light a candle, ceremony, fall asleep with a smile.

What’s in your spiritual toolbox?

Nature’s Sweet Grace.

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