Small Surprises

In Unexpected Places

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Surround yourself with beauty, let your home be your haven, your home is where your heart is – all phrases I surround myself with when at home, in my physical home, aka apartment. I am adding one more to my home phrase repertoire, let the small surprises brighten your home with a smile in your heart. My dear friend, Kathy Woods, shared a story with me about small surprises she came across while staying at a cottage in North Carolina. Art graced every room in the cottage, including unexpected places; little hand-made figurines next to the towels in the linen closet, framed drawings behind the glasses in the kitchen cabinets, more framed paintings behind hangers in closets, hand-made trinkets in drawers, and the list goes on. After Kathy returned home from her trip she began adding small surprises throughout her home. Kathy’s story of discovery excited my creative spark and I got right to it, too!

My collection of art cards I was saving for references and inspiration got cut up and placed inside kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors.  A tabletop Live Laugh and Love sign went in the refrigerator. A portal painting is now in the pantry behind the baking flours, seashells and stones in the silverware drawer. Oh my! I’m not done, this is just the beginning to an adventure of small surprises to brighten my home with a smile in my heart.

Here are links to where Kathy stayed.

Jalowetz HouseHistory of the home.

Lake Eden Lodging, How it looks today.

Nature’s Sweet Grace.

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