Gems: Melanie McDermott

Gems: Soul Sisters & Soul Brothers known for their innate beauty, luminescence, and spectrum of wisdom that touch every one of us.

Earth Steward and Conscious Living

using shower water to water landscape

It is not uncommon for many of us to let our bath or shower water run while waiting for the water temperature to go from cold to warm to hot. Melanie has an environmental practice to share with us that changes the way we use our shower and bath water. After reading a Chicago Tribune article in 2008, Melanie and her family began collecting the ‘cold to warm’ running water for watering their indoor and outdoor plants. Several small buckets are kept in their bathroom to collect this water.

buckets in bathroom for collecting waterI’m always looking for simple things to change in the ‘right now’. I embrace the ideas that have an immediate effect – like unplugging anything not in use (coffee pot, toaster), buying those little child-proof covers for my outlets on outside walls to keep the drafts out, strategically closing vents to maximize air or heat efficiency.

Thank you Melanie. You are an earth steward. Every small step taken to conserve water and care for our environment is a contribution to conscious living.

Nature’s Sweet Grace.

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