Embracing Mandala

Daily Practices for Body, Mind, and Spirit

doodle mandalasDoodle mini mandalas – in your journal, notebook, newspaper, current book…

Ponder mandalas around you in nature, architecture, community, clothing, food…

Observe mandala time, circular in nature – seasons, lunar cycles, birth/death/rebirth

Chant the mantra, I AM thankful for the wholeness of this moment

Integrate heart coherence for personal and global wellness

Gather with family and friends sitting in circle

Dance with family and friends in a circle

Laugh with family and friends in a circle

Create together in group a peace/unity mandala

Meditate using your mandala as a focal pointcircle of friends

Imagine yourself as a living mandala where your words, thoughts, and actions radiate out from your heart center and touch your family, friends, community and the universe

mandala journalBegin a mandala journal and observe repeating patterns, color, shapes, and symbols throughout the journal

Embracing Mandala Flier

Share the Embracing Mandala flier with family, friends and community.

Nature’s Sweet Grace.

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