Stop, Observe, Create

And Be Amazed At What Comes Forth

cabbage prints

I am continually amazed and awed by the shapes, patterns, colors, and textures of fruits and vegetables cut in half. A friend gifted me this particular cabbage and I did not get the chance to enjoy eating it when picked fresh from her farm. While cutting the cabbage, getting it ready for my vermicompost bin, I stopped and observed the beauty graced by nature’s design. Ding, ding, ding, it’s time to create! The paints and paper come out, and I begin print making with the sliced cabbage. This is truly a nature inspired moment filled with curiosity. Oh what fun!

Next time you slice a fruit or veggie in half, be ready. You may be struck with a “I gotta act on this” moment. Have your paints and paper near by. You never know where your imagination will take you.

Nature’s Sweet Grace.

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