Snow Canvas

Play Time with Shadows, Light & Color


It’s mid afternoon. Nature’s creating its daily art with spectacular blue shadows spreading out over the snowy landscape. The blue captures my attention today – a blue unique to each moment passing by. I wonder, how can I take part in this masterpiece nature is presenting me.

I’ll snow paint!

I get out my plant-based paints, mix up six rainbow colors, and out the door I go. I see pine tree shadows waving at me. Magnificent! As I begin to paint on top the pine tree shadows there is an interactive play with shadow, light and color. The sun rotates across the sky, the shadows shift their way along the snow leaving behind a colorful silhouette, a co-creation between nature, paint, and artist. Oh what fun this would be to do with a friend or family member and paint their shadow!

Then on to another area of untouched snow. A blank canvas with infinite possibilities awaiting the paintbrush’s dance with color and delight. The snow is firm and crystally. The paint brush sinks into the snow upon application. Nature and art unite in joy. A mandala, a swirl, a heart.

Nature’s Sweet Grace.


swirl snow painting

heart snow painting

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