Gems: Fiona Stolze

Gems: Soul Sisters & Soul Brothers known for their innate beauty, luminescence, and spectrum of wisdom that touches every one of us.

Creating with Vibrancy and Movement

Fiona  StolzeThe journey–living life in a suburb north of Germany, looking after children, doing the shopping and keeping the wheels turning. Planting seeds–stumbled over spirituality, met people, read books, went to workshops, discovered mandalas. Exploration–taught self to paint silk mandalas, LOTS of experimentation. Immersion–move to Glastonbury, southwest of England, immersed self in painting, alternative therapies, awareness of spirit growing and growing. Co-Creating–combined passions, silk art and spiritual guidance; scarves, tops, yardage, soft furnishings,  wall art, cushions, mandalas, oracle cards……

Silk appeared in my life and I began to paint on it. I don’t have a romantic story about a passionate love affair with the fabric and how it was my dream to do it. Fiona and silk met. Fiona responded. Quite simply. I also never consciously said – okay I’m going to paint mandalas. It really just happened. 

No fixed routine to Fiona’s day. In fact, every day looks different. She likes to see what is and respond to that. She gets up at different times, goes to bed at different times and busy’s herself with whatever has the greatest pull and needs tending. It works well.

Fiona Stolze silk art studio

Fiona devotes a lot of time to her spiritual practice, intuitively knowing the value of digging deeper, pulling back the veil. Uncovering the lies and stories, letting go. And that permeates her work, her life. Honesty above all else.

Fiona's silk scarf

silk art mandala

Today Fiona offers an array of products, which includes her most recent creation, a full colour 52 card  Mandala Oracle deck, a tool to help people gain clarity amidst the chaos of their daily lives. She calls it ‘A Sea of Calm’. The mandala illustrations are from her original silk paintings spanning over the last 13 years. You can also book a reading with Fiona Stolze via Skype or telephone, details on her blog at ‘Inspired Art and Living’: readings with Fiona.

I love really vibrant colours and movement in my images. 

mandala oracle card deck

Nature’s Sweet Grace.

Content from Fiona Stolze interview.
Photos used with permission from Fiona Stolze’s Websites.

One thought on “Gems: Fiona Stolze

  1. Cyra DuQuella

    Fiona is truly a gem. I instantly felt a connection to her that I know will continue to grow. I have a deck of her oracle cards and they are as beautiful as they are enlightening.

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