Within Our Reach

As We Allow to Unfold

reaching for willow

This summer’s nature creatures are happening, hopping and gathering in my backyard. Always there showing me nature’s way. Over the past few days I’ve observed rabbits eating Willow tree branches and leaves.  When the Willow branches hang close to the ground the rabbits stand up and reach for their next serving.  One rabbit was lying on the grass eating fallen branches. As I watched, a branch fell right by its side. No reaching for that one!

Applying this nature’s way observation to life – everything we need is within our reach. This awareness provides the opportunity to observe, choose, and act.  As we allow what we need to enter our life with no force, worries or fear, it appears like a gift. Allow the beauty, nourishment and abundance to unfold.

Nature’s Sweet Grace.

4 thoughts on “Within Our Reach

  1. The next day I was watching the rabbit under the Willow tree and something seemed different. The landscapers trimmed the Willow, gave it an even cut. To high for the rabbits to reach. Hmmmmm, there is more to munch on elsewhere, like the prairie grass by the patio, the rabbits like that too!

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