Prayer Beads….

in Spirit with Bringing the Blessingway Into Your Life


I made this strand of Prayer Beads for my sister ten years ago. During this period I also participated in Rhonda Day-Kooy’s Four-Fold Way Cross-Cultural studies group at the Blue Feather Books and Botanicals in LaGrange, Il.  Most recently, I came across these Prayer Beads going through my sister’s belongings after her passing. Viewing them I am awed by the Prayer Bead’s physical beauty; the colors, shapes, translucency, earthly materials and symbolism. The daily practice, “Bringing the Blessingway Into Your Life” is simple, timeless, and yet so powerful; a teaching from Angeles Arrien’s Four-Fold Way® CD Series, The Warrior, The Healer, The Teacher, The Visionary. 

Today’s Life Affirming Action: In gratitude, and with great love, I share this daily practice, The Blessingway, with you today.

With Sweet Grace.

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