Pieceful Creations

Where Mindfulness and Art Merge

Creating in the zone brings on an abundance of art that contributes to both pieces for sharing and pieces that go in the scraps or seconds pile. I’m happy to announce those art pieces from the seconds and scraps pile have been given a second life with Artfully Scrapp’n. You too, can repurpose your seconds and scraps! Most recently, with collaborative enthusiasm and co-creating with creative visionaries, the seconds and scraps are taking on yet another transformation – Pieceful Creations, a mindfulness practice for creativity, focus, imagination and meditation. Soon to come, a portal for submitting your seconds and scraps to Pieceful Creations for sharing with others locally and globally

Pieceful Creations – Process

Petal from a Bird of Paradise, body of a frog, wing of a honey bee, section of a totem, tulip from a fairy, heart  from gratitude, head from a flute player.

bird-of-paradisefroghoney beeHaidu Totem


tulip fairygift of the heartHopi flute playerpieceful creations











Pieceful Creations – Mindful Meditations

mandala and meditation

creativity and meditationmandala meditationmeditation and mindsfulnessmindfulness meditationcreativity and meditationmeditation and mindfulnesscreativity and imaginationcuriosity and imaginationmindful meditation












Pieceful Creations – youtube videos

With Sweet Grace.

One thought on “Pieceful Creations

  1. Theresa

    Original art created with intentions for this purpose is where Pieceful Creations is directed as well. Creating a mindfulness tool where play, creativity, curiosity and exploration are integrated into the creation process.

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