Black Circle

A Window to Your Infinite Creative Potential

Great Mystery

What are your perceptions of black? Scientifically it is known that black absorbs light and is the absence of color. From what we wear, our surrounding environment, to how we feel, the color black contributes to our well-being. On another level, black represents the womb filled with infinite possibilities. Black is symbolic of the Great Mystery. My introduction to black in this way was through Judith Cornell, Ph.D (Rajita Sivananda). During her Luminous Mandala retreats we worked with black paper where our light wands (colored pencils) made visible our invisible world through symbols, patterns and colors. In one exercise from her Mandala Healing Kit Workbook, Judith asks us to look into the center of a black circle and spend a minute simply looking:

What do you see when you look into the blackness of the circle?

If you are like most people, your answer will be: “Nothing!” If you see no-thing, you are seeing correctly. That is because the dazzling black light of your unknowable being — the face you had before you were born — is formless. You really are no-body!……When you look into an ordinary silver-backed mirror, what you see is only the light and shadow reflections caused by the forms of your human body and other surrounding objects. But the human face you see in the mirror every morning is ephemeral — it is the mask that you as spirit put on to have a human experience and will take off the day that your physical body dies. It is not the real you.

Being a no-body does not mean you are empty or barren. Quite the contrary. Your invisible, unmanifest radiant black light of consciousness is filled with infinite creative potential, innate wisdom and transcendent beauty. This is much more magnificent than being a physical body and a limited personality.

Judith Cornell, PhD, The Mandala Healing Kit

Judith Cornell, Ph.D (Rajita Sivananda) transitioned from her body May 2010.

After many years working with Judith Cornell’s Luminous Mandalas as a healing arts tool, I truly feel and see the beauty within me and everywhere around me. What started out as a personal healing practice is now a transformative art tool I share with individuals, group classes, retreats and workshops. It all began, and begins, with the black circle.

I welcome you to explore the black circle, a magnificent window to your universe.

With Sweet Grace.

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