Art Journaling & Doodles….

for connection with others and going with the flow.

art journals and doodles

Art journaling and doodling are creative outlets for bringing your ideas, visions and expressive nature into physicality. They also act as portals for the extraordinary. Putting to paper, bringing them out of the ethers, is a key component for creating. You can come back to the drawings or doodles and expand on them at another time.

I’d like to share with you two of my favorite journal/doodle tips and exercises.

1-tip) Designate mandala pages throughout your art journal. Take a cup, bowl, or round object to trace and fill the page with a circle. Fill at least 1/3 of the journal pages with circles. Of course, you can make every page a circle too! Having circles in place for the next time you pick up your journal is helpful and you’re ready to go.

1-exercise) Group Art Journaling/Doodling – Ask a friend or family member to participate in drawing or doodling with you. You can both begin with a shared inspired intention or simply see where the drawing takes you. Take turns adding to the journal entry or doodle. It’s fun, intimate and a collaborative art activity. The two colorful mandala examples shown here were with my daughters.

2-tip) Keep pens, pencils, small notebook, sketch pad or loose paper available where ever you go! Keep them in your car glove compartment, near your computer or reading chair, in a tote, fanny pack, or any type of container so supplies are available in the spur of the moment.

2-exercise) Doodling With Spirals – Draw a free-hand spiral leaving enough area for drawing as the spiral gets larger. Begin at the spirals center and fill in with patterns, images, symbols, words and what ever comes to you in the moment.

Happy journaling and doodling to you!

With Sweet Grace.

5 thoughts on “Art Journaling & Doodles….

      1. Lisette Defoe

        I started journaling about 15 years ago and have collections of ring binders but only 1 year ago I decided to start blogging about it. How about you?

      2. Sounds like you could have a book in the works too! What are the possibilities!? I do keep my art journals, for they are inspirations for future paintings, mandalas and other creative ventures. My journal writing has made the the transition to temporary, meaning I write put it into a blog or end up recycling the paper. For me it is a “personal” practice of impermanence, flowing with change and growth.

      3. Lisette Defoe

        At one point I thought of putting it all in book form but no plans as of now. Even earlier today I thought of that, like a daily meditation thing… 365 days. Hmmmm. Keep it up yourself too! Inspirational indeed for all the art lovers and an example for them to follow.

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