Creative Adventures

New Materials, New Beginnings 

Following instincts to explore new materials, I found myself going through my closet to upcycle clothes I no longer wear. My intention was to start a weaving that did not involve a frame, and create freestyle. The process was freeing, organic and filled with discovery – texture, color, loose, tight, clay, fabric, knotting, weaving, smooth, shiny, child-like, balance and reflecting light. I am happy how this textile art turned out and have decided to do a series of three. I’ve begun the second which will be all white. The third will be rainbow.

IMG_0994 (1)      img_1182-1-e1509252144167.jpg

There are several aspects I like about this new process, (1) fabric knotting and how it creates a spine down each twine, (2) the way weaving with ribbon and shiny pipe cleaners reflects light, (3) making beads with terra cotta clay and (4) the how each new material ends up being loose or tight, taking on a life of its own.




This new creative adventure has my mind and heart coming up with many ways to expand this process and collaborate with community. Stay posted for more to come!

With Sweet Grace.



4 thoughts on “Creative Adventures

  1. kwoods7

    Hi Friend. I’m not surprised to hear from you. You have been in my thoughts. On Friday I went to the old FB page for A women’s Summer Play Camp – we created a VERY nice thing & I was thinking “You & I (& possibly Sharon) should do another & another & another. I’ve grown plus so has my dance & what I would share. It would be fabulous to have more time at the CAMP for the women to play individually in their ‘me’ time. More Time for them to create. Love your weaving. Looking forward to the trilogy. With hugs & smiles creatively weaving, twirling & bobbing across the miles being blown by the giant windmills along side of Rt 65. Kathy

  2. Jeanne

    Love the colors and texture! Makes me. Remember when I used to weave a long time ago. It’s just lively & lovely!❤️👍👏😊😓

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