Expression from the Other Side

Non-dominant hand wants to come out and play!

Simplicity and play are two facets of pure soulful expression that I like to share with others through many art forms and processes.  The seed for this art process was planted back in November when visiting a local vendor fair. I purchased several origami star bursts from a young boy who had his own vendor table (next to his mom’s!) using colorful post-its as his paper source. Yes to supporting a young budding artist!

Origami Star Bursts

The motion, colors and 16 rays kept the curiosity flowing and led me to the next step – painting these star bursts using a new tool I’ve wanted to explore for an upcoming art event. The tool is called a sponge stick and many artists use these for blending charcoal and pastels, they are also used for crafts. Let’s see what happens when we use watercolor paints! Once I started making marks on the paper a texture appeared that brought on a feeling of new birth, something wanting to come forth from the painterly marks. The space between the painterly marks became the space between each thought and breath, a graceful dance and meditation. Now on to sharing this process with others.

sponge sticks

star bursts

But wait! Let’s add another element, painting with our non-dominant hand! Yes to gifts from the universe, a recent fall and wrist fracture of my dominant hand – this art process has allowed me, and my left side, to express movement and change while staying in the present moment, exploring new patterns with different color pallets and simply being open to process. Creating in this way has always empowered me in service to working with others. This time around with love, compassion and purpose heightened to a new level of awareness. I am grateful for this.

We are all conduits of pure Source energy where creativity and natural forces of nature flow.  Bring on your expression from the other side.

With Sweet Grace.



Ageless Grace and Musical Vibrations

F. Chopin, Valse, Opus 64-No. 2

My neighbor, 82 years young, is a classical piano teacher. She’s been teaching for 50 years! I have the pleasure of listening to her play almost everyday…through the walls. Sound and musical vibrations travel! She lives on the second floor back apartment and I live on the first floor front apartment. When I hear her play, usually late afternoon, I stop what I am doing and listen, taking in every note and graceful touch of the piano keys.

Recently I saw my neighbor (choosing to stay anonymous) as she was leaving and I was entering our building. I expressed to her how much I enjoy her classical piano music and asked if I could take a video of her playing and share it on Nature’s Sweet Grace blog. She agreed. The intentions for creating this video also ties in with a fitness & wellness program I take part in called Ageless Grace, Timeless Fitness for the Body and Brain which is based on the science of neuroplasticity. Her piano playing is a beautiful expression of Ageless Grace and the body, mind & spirit connection.

Music is what I love. When playing classical piano you use the brain and the whole body – head, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers all the way down to the feet.

Get to know your neighbors. You never know what gifts and talents they are ready to share with you. Enjoy F. Chopin, Valse, Opus 64-No. 2!

With Sweet Grace.

Seed Meditation

Complementary Therapies Series
Wellness House, Hinsdale, IL


Tuesday, February 3, 6:30-8:00pm

This Seed Meditation evening is one of four different Wellness House evening programs being offered as part of a Complementary Therapies Series for those living with cancer.

Seed Meditation is an Expressive Arts tool used for calming the mind, centering our focus and enriching our creative spirit.

I welcome you to join me for this evening to learn more about Seed Meditationmindfulness, beginning a daily practice, and take part in creating a personal Seed Meditation.

The four evening programs are Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki & Energy Work, Seed Meditation and Acupuncture. The programs are an opportunity to have your questions answered about complementary therapies available through the Wellness House that can help manage side effects.

With Sweet Grace.

Black Circle

A Window to Your Infinite Creative Potential

Great Mystery

What are your perceptions of black? Scientifically it is known that black absorbs light and is the absence of color. From what we wear, our surrounding environment, to how we feel, the color black contributes to our well-being. On another level, black represents the womb filled with infinite possibilities. Black is symbolic of the Great Mystery. My introduction to black in this way was through Judith Cornell, Ph.D (Rajita Sivananda). During her Luminous Mandala retreats we worked with black paper where our light wands (colored pencils) made visible our invisible world through symbols, patterns and colors. In one exercise from her Mandala Healing Kit Workbook, Judith asks us to look into the center of a black circle and spend a minute simply looking:

What do you see when you look into the blackness of the circle?

If you are like most people, your answer will be: “Nothing!” If you see no-thing, you are seeing correctly. That is because the dazzling black light of your unknowable being — the face you had before you were born — is formless. You really are no-body!……When you look into an ordinary silver-backed mirror, what you see is only the light and shadow reflections caused by the forms of your human body and other surrounding objects. But the human face you see in the mirror every morning is ephemeral — it is the mask that you as spirit put on to have a human experience and will take off the day that your physical body dies. It is not the real you.

Being a no-body does not mean you are empty or barren. Quite the contrary. Your invisible, unmanifest radiant black light of consciousness is filled with infinite creative potential, innate wisdom and transcendent beauty. This is much more magnificent than being a physical body and a limited personality.

Judith Cornell, PhD, The Mandala Healing Kit

Judith Cornell, Ph.D (Rajita Sivananda) transitioned from her body May 2010.

After many years working with Judith Cornell’s Luminous Mandalas as a healing arts tool, I truly feel and see the beauty within me and everywhere around me. What started out as a personal healing practice is now a transformative art tool I share with individuals, group classes, retreats and workshops. It all began, and begins, with the black circle.

I welcome you to explore the black circle, a magnificent window to your universe.

With Sweet Grace.

Morning Meditation

Balance. Silence. Alignment.

Morning Meditation with Nature

In that deep space we find our inner wisdom, a place of balance and grounding. Our uniqueness allows us to stand on our own aligning with our soul’s purpose. In nature, scientist and nature enthusiast explain this one-legged standing phenomena as conserving heat (thermoregulation), fatigue reduction and standing equilibrium.

one leg heron

Portland, Oregon, licensed physical therapist and certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, Julie Gudmestad, writes,  “Obviously, keeping your equilibrium in standing balances requires fine coordination of several muscle groups. But just as important as muscle training is training the mind to be focused, present in the moment and in the pose. Over time, balancing poses teach the mind to be centered, a benefit that spills over into the rest of your life, making you better able to concentrate at work, be present with your loved ones, and savor the experiences of your life.” Online Yoga Journal, Help for Standing Balances (Take a Stand).

Nature’s Sweet Grace.

Begin Your Day With Ease

In the Early Morning Coolness

rabbit in early morning

Opening up my curtains in the morning is like watching the The Discovery Channel or Animal Planet. Or maybe the Daily OM channel! Over the last few mornings I have noticed this lovely rabbit stretched out, catching rays of sun light with a twinkle in the eye, while casually laying on a cool patch of dirt. Sometimes grooming, licking and scratching. It just so happens I was taking a stay-cation this last week. Very much so like the rabbit, I was recharging, connecting with the earth taking lots of walks, and enjoying the sunshine. Thank you little rabbit for the reminder to begin each day in this way, with ease caring for body, mind and spirit.

Nature’s Sweet Grace.

rabbit on cool patch of dirt

Feeding three little birdies – Body, Mind & Spirit

Nourishment for our Soul

As I look to nature for introspection and inspiration, three nestlings and a mother bird outside my patio door tell a story of nourishment that I’d like to share with you. Over the last week, the mother bird would leave to find food, then fly back to the gourd house to feed her nestlings, non stop from the time the sun rose to the time the sun set. The nestlings would pop their heads out once in a while eagerly waiting their next feeding. It was as if they were saying mom, come back, I’m hungry, feed me, feed me NOW! On many of the mother’s return visits, just as she was about to rest her feet on the gourd house opening, the nestlings would stretch their bodies out from the gourd house opening, with mouths wide open, vying for the first drop of food. Observing all this feeding activity I would wonder; out of the three nestlings, which one was receiving the most food, will I find a nestling on the ground from stretching too far out of the gourd house, how can the mother continuously do this non-stop, does she have an opportunity to feed herself?

three baby birds in gourd bird house

So let’s take the observation of the three little nestlings to the next step and give each nestling a name, we’ll call them Body, Mind & Spirit. You play the mother bird. Which one do you feed the most? How often? Is it a moment-to-moment daily practice? Is what you feed Body, Mind & Spirit nourishing and sustaining? Or is it short-lived and draining? Are Body, Mind & Spirit in balance? Or is one vying for the me, me, me and not the we, we, we? How far is one willing to stretch to experience growth? Are you taking care of yourself so you have the energy to feed Body, Mind & Spirit? Does caring for Body, Mind & Spirit come from an intuitive space of knowing and feeling from the heart?

three baby birds being fed

Nourish Body, Mind & Spirit and your soul will take flight into the great mystery of life!

Nature’s Sweet Grace.