Shaping Our World

Comes from Within

At one time it was thought the world was flat.

At one time, it was thought the world was flat.


It was eventually discovered the world is round.

What truly shapes our world? Leading from the heart.

What truly shapes our world? Leading from the heart.

A Kevin and Theresa graduation card collaboration for our daughter’s boyfriend graduating from the Air Force Academy. Hats off, high in the sky, to Jon Remiasz!

With Sweet Grace.

Friendship Art

Connection Through Our Gifts

Illustrator Keara McGraw – Gifting Artwork to Friends
Illustrations on their own are strong, heART felt and beautiful.

Four friends are to each receive a flower illustration. The magic happens when Keara arranges the four illustrations together and adds the color. The color addition creates a new collective art piece symbolically illustrating that each recipient and illustrator are connected and part of a whole. A powerful representation of how artistry, friendship and meaning come together through our gifts and talents we share with the world.

See more of what Keara is up to at

With Sweet Grace.

Summer Energy Patterns

Which one resonates with you?

Let’s use the colors of summer for an inward check-in. Which summer energy pattern resonates with you in this moment? Using this playful Expressive Arts tool you too can paint these energy patterns! Begin from the center (paper center and heart center), paint with rainbow colors or an array of vibrant colors, incorporate clockwise and counterclockwise brush strokes and paper rotation. Be aware and open for Divine surprises – opportunities for Self-discovery and uncovering new patterns that speak to you can arise. Have fun!

summer dots
SUMMER STEPPING STONES – Focusing and taking small steps each day. Each step picks up momentum connecting and creating something much larger than we could ever imagine.
summer strokes
SUMMER BURSTS – Our creative energy can longer be kept silent, controlled or in waiting. The time is NOW to share our gifts with the universe.
SUMMER SWIRLS & FLOW – Energy effortlessly flows to us and through us aligning with our True Nature.
summer mandala connections
SUMMER CONNECTIONS – We are all in this together. With heartfelt intentions we begin to connect with others in conscious and meaningful ways.


With Sweet Grace.






Gems: Becky Jaine

Gems: Soul Sisters & Soul Brothers known for their innate beauty, luminescence, and spectrum of wisdom that touches every one of us.

Following Her Heartpath

Becky Jaine – mother, daughter, wife, sister, writer, facilitator, obsessive lover of nature and our precious planet and us 7 billion humans, and so much more. Where ever she goes, what ever she’s putting her heart into, a beautiful burst of light energy radiates kindness and love. For Becky, life as a human is such a gift.

Becky, originally from England, is based in Raleigh, N.C. with her family. She shares that her children, ages 5, 11 and 12 are her greatest teachers, They are re-teaching me everything I thought I knew about the world, through their reflections and questions like my son’s “What is war?” and my daughters’ “Why do we have war to fight for peace?” I am blessed to be their mother and feel such an awesome responsibility to preserve their spirits. I believe all children are sages. I try to withhold my reasoning and answers to create a space to let them express their own ideas and thoughts.

In 2013 Becky put her beliefs into action creating a program for middle-school-aged girls called Creative GIRL. Four times a year Becky and the girls get together for playshops to paint, write, make things like jewelry and clay, and to focus on kindness: kindness to ones self AND kindness creativity campaigns to make things for strangers. The power of creativity PLUS kindness is world-changing. Just like women, girls too need a safe place to share and shine, and it is an abSOULute pleasure and privilege for Becky to define and offer this program. Becky is very aware that boys need a similar space to honor all they are, but for now, her work is dedicated to women and girls.

Becky recently shared her intentions and inspiration for Creative GIRL in a special format called PechaKucha (20 slides, 20 seconds per slide….go!) that is now available on youtube.

Also in 2013, Becky created a sacred space and time for women to generate self kindness and love through Sacred Kindness Retreats in the NC mountains. She has co-created three of these amazing pilgrimages, with the fourth planned in October 2014. They are joy-filled, creative and loving celebrations of the amazing and diverse women who come. Being an adult does not mean we should play less, Becky feels being an adult means we now have wisdom to guide us into deeper and more powerful play. During the retreats, the women are reminded of their playful nature, and together generate heaps of grown-up JOY!


Creating these programs and retreats has put Becky on her heartpath. Kindness is her currency. With a new movement taking shape called The Gift Economy, she has created a hybrid version offering her programs for a price with the caveat: If people do not have the financial resources to pay, they can either pay what they can or come without paying anything. The nature of her work develops relationships, so people get to know her and want to reciprocate using their own gifts, responding in support—not only money but perhaps clothes for her children, art supplies, or promoting her work to their friends.

For Becky kindness itself is a practice. She reminds herself that if she does 3 things every day for the next 40 years that will mean 43,800 kind acts. A little every day adds up…even the smallest act changes the world for the better. Becky’s life’s work is to realize her own power and be aware of the ripple effects of her intentions and the choices she makes. Becky expresses, How can I exist and celebrate humanity without compromising Mother Earth? I’m learning…. I want to create opportunities to celebrate us humans and our innate powers and spectacular nature.  Shine on!    

With Sweet Grace.

Pieceful Creations

Where Mindfulness and Art Merge

Creating in the zone brings on an abundance of art that contributes to both pieces for sharing and pieces that go in the scraps or seconds pile. I’m happy to announce those art pieces from the seconds and scraps pile have been given a second life with Artfully Scrapp’n. You too, can repurpose your seconds and scraps! Most recently, with collaborative enthusiasm and co-creating with creative visionaries, the seconds and scraps are taking on yet another transformation – Pieceful Creations, a mindfulness practice for creativity, focus, imagination and meditation. Soon to come, a portal for submitting your seconds and scraps to Pieceful Creations for sharing with others locally and globally

Pieceful Creations – Process

Petal from a Bird of Paradise, body of a frog, wing of a honey bee, section of a totem, tulip from a fairy, heart  from gratitude, head from a flute player.

bird-of-paradisefroghoney beeHaidu Totem


tulip fairygift of the heartHopi flute playerpieceful creations











Pieceful Creations – Mindful Meditations

mandala and meditation

creativity and meditationmandala meditationmeditation and mindsfulnessmindfulness meditationcreativity and meditationmeditation and mindfulnesscreativity and imaginationcuriosity and imaginationmindful meditation












Pieceful Creations – youtube videos

With Sweet Grace.

Prayer Beads….

in Spirit with Bringing the Blessingway Into Your Life


I made this strand of Prayer Beads for my sister ten years ago. During this period I also participated in Rhonda Day-Kooy’s Four-Fold Way Cross-Cultural studies group at the Blue Feather Books and Botanicals in LaGrange, Il.  Most recently, I came across these Prayer Beads going through my sister’s belongings after her passing. Viewing them I am awed by the Prayer Bead’s physical beauty; the colors, shapes, translucency, earthly materials and symbolism. The daily practice, “Bringing the Blessingway Into Your Life” is simple, timeless, and yet so powerful; a teaching from Angeles Arrien’s Four-Fold Way® CD Series, The Warrior, The Healer, The Teacher, The Visionary. 

Today’s Life Affirming Action: In gratitude, and with great love, I share this daily practice, The Blessingway, with you today.

With Sweet Grace.

Honoring Transition into the New Year

Welcoming 2014 with Heartfelt Practices 

Welcoming 2014

2014, a year for reflection, focus, graciousness, inner wisdom and call to action.

To honor transition into the new year, I’d like to share with you fourteen foundational and heartfelt practices. Simple in nature, empowering in practice.

1. Begin and end each day with connection to the Great Mystery, Higher-Self, Mother Earth and Father Sky. In appreciation, gratitude and intention.

2. Listen to, dialogue with and move the body.

3. Nourish the body with plant strong, nutrient dense and rainbow-colored foods.

4. Think, feel, and be about the vibration. Everything is energy! Like a ripple in a pond, thoughts, words and actions radiate out and connect to all.  “First you must shine with positive, high-spirited vibrations, and be full of love. In order to do that, I think it’s important to love, thank, and respect yourself. If that’s the case, then each of those vibrations will be sent out into the world and the cosmos, and the great symphony of that harmonic vibration will wrap our planet in waves of love that serve to cherish our Heaven-granted lives. This is the message from water.” Masaru Emoto, Love Thyself

5. Mix it up! Take a different route to the store, eat with your non-dominate hand, have your dinner meal at breakfast, wear a color that you usually don’t wear, sleep on the couch or another bed when retiring for the evening, etc. Have fun with this!

6. Be out in nature. Walk or exercise at a local nature preserve or park.

7. Share the love, your wisdom and knowledge, and acts of kindness.

8. Be aware of the world around youthrough signs, symbols and synchronicities.

9. Look at the big picture – what really wants to happen, ask the what if.

10. Play! Exercise the imagination and curiosity. Take a cue from the Queen – “When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

11. Laugh! Find the funny in everyday activities and conversations, watch a funny movie, put your hand on your belly and laugh, make funny faces and laugh at your self in the mirror.

12. Hum, whistle, sing! In the shower, in the car, on your walks, as part of a conversation.

13. Build strong family and community, surround yourself with like-minded people.

14. Slow down, stop and smell the roses.

Our world is filled with vast richness, culture and spiritual traditions, I welcome you to share your practices as well.

With Sweet Grace.