….a continuation of creativity expressed

children's art

Young Children’s Art is…
– innocent, intuitive, expressive, playful, exploratory, in the present, and in your face honest
– messy, muddy, rainbowy, scribbly, splattery, tangly, so everywhere, and so wildly spectacular

it’s hard to imagine a world without children’s art
it’s easy to imagine children’s art being a teacher to us all

Everywhere Now on Our Planet
To leave one’s environment
and enter another
expands the world of knowing
new worlds come into view
to explore and discover
bridging together realms we once knew

Be present in it all
for change is constant
slow down and groove to a new rhythm
live in this world and not of it
to be happy and uncover
spiraling wisdom everywhere now on our planet

With Sweet Grace.


Poetry comes in many forms. Infinite possibilities, from letter to letter, word to word, line to line. Another avenue for creativity to flow.

Exploring the themes of children, nature, art and consciousness, here are a select few to begin with from my musings. More to come. Enjoy!

Portraits from Within
Portraits from within
unleashes swirls of color
sparks of light
in an ocean of eternity
the hum and vibration
radiate outward
attracting a resonance
of being
portraits from within

Dashes and Dots
dots and dashes
..-..-.. dashes and dots
..-..-..-..-.. making marks in so many spots
small and big
..-..-.. big and small
..-..-..-..-.. didn’t know they could get so tall
make some yourself
..-..-.. you’ll see
it’s dashes and dots
..-..-.. calling the shots!

Comes Clarity
through the thick
dense fog
comes clarity

from soft
and fuzzy
to soft
and clear

it speaks
with silence
and listens
with focus

through the thick
dense fog
comes clarity

With Sweet Grace. 

Small Acts of Kindness

   A Legacy to His Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren

Over the last several years I have witnessed my dad in action delivering small acts of kindness to those around him. –– For Sunday evening meals I, and other family members, have the pleasure of getting together with my dad. When he sees a family with young children in the restaurant, on our way out he’ll make sure to tell them they are a nice look’n family. –– When at a doctor’s appointment, he tells the nurses and doctors that they are nice people and they do good work. –– When greeting the staff where he lives he let’s them know they do a fine job caring for him. ––  Always kinds words and a Thank You to his family during our time together. 

His small acts of kindness are occasionally accompanied by light-hearted kid’n around. He always tells me, “I like kidding around and I like to be kidded back.”

On our last outing I asked my dad if he could go anywhere in the world, where would it be. He replied, ” I’m happy right where I’m at, I don’t need to go anywhere. I am happy.”

In essence, each act of kindness is an expression of his heart’s pleasure. My dad sees the good in all. He is happy.

Nature’s Sweet Grace.

Small Surprises

In Unexpected Places

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Surround yourself with beauty, let your home be your haven, your home is where your heart is – all phrases I surround myself with when at home, in my physical home, aka apartment. I am adding one more to my home phrase repertoire, let the small surprises brighten your home with a smile in your heart. My dear friend, Kathy Woods, shared a story with me about small surprises she came across while staying at a cottage in North Carolina. Art graced every room in the cottage, including unexpected places; little hand-made figurines next to the towels in the linen closet, framed drawings behind the glasses in the kitchen cabinets, more framed paintings behind hangers in closets, hand-made trinkets in drawers, and the list goes on. After Kathy returned home from her trip she began adding small surprises throughout her home. Kathy’s story of discovery excited my creative spark and I got right to it, too!

My collection of art cards I was saving for references and inspiration got cut up and placed inside kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors.  A tabletop Live Laugh and Love sign went in the refrigerator. A portal painting is now in the pantry behind the baking flours, seashells and stones in the silverware drawer. Oh my! I’m not done, this is just the beginning to an adventure of small surprises to brighten my home with a smile in my heart.

Here are links to where Kathy stayed.

Jalowetz HouseHistory of the home.

Lake Eden Lodging, How it looks today.

Nature’s Sweet Grace.

Fernanda and the Brand New Day

Children’s Book

Here is a sneak peak at the children’s book I am coming to completion on. I am having so much fun writing about Fernanda’s adventures. Fernanda and the Brand New Day is the first in a series of three Fernanda books.

Join Fernanda and her family in a story of self-discovery. Fernanda, a young Twiller bird, loves to explore the world around her haven. One adventurous day a little grey cloud questions Fernanda’s world and this Thing appears. She is not quite sure what to make of it and decides to stay with it. Fernanda’s family helps her find her way home after discovering what this Thing could possibly be about. Only Fernanda truly knows.

Once upon a time in a land not to far away, there was a field as wide open and deep as one could see. There were tall grasses, wildflowers, fruit trees, butterflies, bees, and all kinds of plants and creatures. Each day as the sun rose, it brought to the field an abundance of beauty, music and joy that could be felt all around, especially deep, deep inside, in that space that beats like a ba bump, ba bump, ba bump – ba bump, ba bump, ba bump.

One family of two-legged winged creatures, called Twillers, lived in the field next to a Bango fruit tree.  The Mother Twiller, Rosella, cared for her young Twillers – two girls, Fernanda & Nevaeh, and two boys, Onjel & Idris. Each new morning Rosella would take the them out beyond their haven to explore, and show the young Twillers the world around them. She talked of their relationship with this world. She would say, “this is what we call an ant, this is what we call a Bango fruit, this is what we call a blade of grass, and on and on, adding a story about the significance of each and the role it plays to the whole. Rosella would always end the playful and enlightening outings saying, “we are all connected.”

After these illuminated mornings, Fernanda, would go out on her own and explore, always meeting new adventures with curiosity and wonder. “I Am Fernanda The Explorer! Oh Yes I Am. Magnificent As A Wild Flower, Oh Yes I Am.  A Natural Observer Within And Around Me, I Am Fernanda The Explorer! Oh Yes I Am!” she would shout out for all to hear.

One morning – BANG, THUD, – a strange looking thing appeared, as if it came out of nowhere. It was way taller than her and ran a great distance beyond the field. Fernanda was quite curious about this new and strange thing that landed in her world. She flew over it, around it, underneath it, and every which way so she could know more about it.

Finally she decided to land on top of it. It felt a little strange at first, not like sitting in the Bango fruit tree by the haven. Then Fernanda, with her feet stretched out clenching tightly to the edge, decided she was there to stay and would not return home. At least not for now. She felt verrrrry comfortable.

Fernanda sat on this thing all day watching the grasses sway in the wind, butterflies drink nectar from the flowers, and the most amazing sight – four-legged creatures jumping over this thing!

As the day went on, the sun changed it’s place in the sky and lowered itself near the horizon. Fernanda gave out a big yawn. Her lids became heavy and she closed her eyes.

Meanwhile back at the haven, after the night sky became filled with the glitter of flickering lights, Rosella returned to the haven bringing fresh grass for the young Twillers bedding. Rosella noticed right away that Fernanda was not in her usual spot waiting to help lay down the fresh bedding.  “Navaeh, Onjel, Idris, where is Fernanda?”  asked Rosella. “I do not know mama Rosella, the last time I saw her she was washing her feathers in the babbling stream.” said Nevaeh. “I do not know mama Rosella, the last time I saw Fernanda she was kissing a frog!” said Onjel. “I do not know mama Rosella, the last time I saw her she was sitting on a rock singing her song.” said Idris.  “The last time I saw her she gave me a big hug and peck on the cheek before she went off exploring.” said Rosella. Rosella closed her eyes and was quiet for a moment. “Fernanda is well, we will wake early, where the night welcomes the morning sky.” said Rosella. “Let us lie down and be with our dreams.”

A Talking Points guide will follow the story. The parent, teacher, relative, friend, or caretaker, who is reading the book can use the guide to expand on the story behind the story. It’s meant to create discussion, open up the curiosity and imagination, and look at the signs and symbols that surround us each day in a new way.

Nature’s Sweet Grace.

Feeding three little birdies – Body, Mind & Spirit

Nourishment for our Soul

As I look to nature for introspection and inspiration, three nestlings and a mother bird outside my patio door tell a story of nourishment that I’d like to share with you. Over the last week, the mother bird would leave to find food, then fly back to the gourd house to feed her nestlings, non stop from the time the sun rose to the time the sun set. The nestlings would pop their heads out once in a while eagerly waiting their next feeding. It was as if they were saying mom, come back, I’m hungry, feed me, feed me NOW! On many of the mother’s return visits, just as she was about to rest her feet on the gourd house opening, the nestlings would stretch their bodies out from the gourd house opening, with mouths wide open, vying for the first drop of food. Observing all this feeding activity I would wonder; out of the three nestlings, which one was receiving the most food, will I find a nestling on the ground from stretching too far out of the gourd house, how can the mother continuously do this non-stop, does she have an opportunity to feed herself?

three baby birds in gourd bird house

So let’s take the observation of the three little nestlings to the next step and give each nestling a name, we’ll call them Body, Mind & Spirit. You play the mother bird. Which one do you feed the most? How often? Is it a moment-to-moment daily practice? Is what you feed Body, Mind & Spirit nourishing and sustaining? Or is it short-lived and draining? Are Body, Mind & Spirit in balance? Or is one vying for the me, me, me and not the we, we, we? How far is one willing to stretch to experience growth? Are you taking care of yourself so you have the energy to feed Body, Mind & Spirit? Does caring for Body, Mind & Spirit come from an intuitive space of knowing and feeling from the heart?

three baby birds being fed

Nourish Body, Mind & Spirit and your soul will take flight into the great mystery of life!

Nature’s Sweet Grace.

Want to Amuse Yourself?

Be the fly on the wall.

Fly on the wall
On occasion I’ll catch my thoughts going into the loop-d-loop, 3D consciousness mode. One of the spiritual tools I use to come back to center is pretending to be a fly on the wall. From this perspective I can see myself getting stiff in the shoulders, staring off into space creating a story, looking worried, serious and fearful. Oh my! Being the fly works for me every time. It puts me in a space of amusement with a smile on my face. This space also provides me the opportunity to ask who is that saying this or that about this or that.

Have you ever been the fly on the wall?

Nature’s Sweet Grace.