Golden Being

a new textile artwork……..

Golden DeLight to Golden Being, this tapestry took on its own unique rhythm as it evolved. Extraordinary, chichi, fun and playful, all the elements come together in harmony and a reflection of light.

Textile Art - Golden Being     Natural Lighting - Golden Being

Nesting Beads    Beading Outdoors

Beading DeLight

Beading and Weaving DeLight    Nesting Beads

With Sweet Grace.


Summer Energy Patterns

Which one resonates with you?

Let’s use the colors of summer for an inward check-in. Which summer energy pattern resonates with you in this moment? Using this playful Expressive Arts tool you too can paint these energy patterns! Begin from the center (paper center and heart center), paint with rainbow colors or an array of vibrant colors, incorporate clockwise and counterclockwise brush strokes and paper rotation. Be aware and open for Divine surprises – opportunities for Self-discovery and uncovering new patterns that speak to you can arise. Have fun!

summer dots
SUMMER STEPPING STONES – Focusing and taking small steps each day. Each step picks up momentum connecting and creating something much larger than we could ever imagine.
summer strokes
SUMMER BURSTS – Our creative energy can longer be kept silent, controlled or in waiting. The time is NOW to share our gifts with the universe.
SUMMER SWIRLS & FLOW – Energy effortlessly flows to us and through us aligning with our True Nature.
summer mandala connections
SUMMER CONNECTIONS – We are all in this together. With heartfelt intentions we begin to connect with others in conscious and meaningful ways.


With Sweet Grace.






Seed Meditations

For Being

A daily in-the-moment practice.

Allowing for the peace, focus and creativity to come forth.

Seed Meditations

Seed Meditation

seed meditation

seed meditation

Nature’s Sweet Grace

Within Our Reach

As We Allow to Unfold

reaching for willow

This summer’s nature creatures are happening, hopping and gathering in my backyard. Always there showing me nature’s way. Over the past few days I’ve observed rabbits eating Willow tree branches and leaves.  When the Willow branches hang close to the ground the rabbits stand up and reach for their next serving.  One rabbit was lying on the grass eating fallen branches. As I watched, a branch fell right by its side. No reaching for that one!

Applying this nature’s way observation to life – everything we need is within our reach. This awareness provides the opportunity to observe, choose, and act.  As we allow what we need to enter our life with no force, worries or fear, it appears like a gift. Allow the beauty, nourishment and abundance to unfold.

Nature’s Sweet Grace.

Morning Meditation

Balance. Silence. Alignment.

Morning Meditation with Nature

In that deep space we find our inner wisdom, a place of balance and grounding. Our uniqueness allows us to stand on our own aligning with our soul’s purpose. In nature, scientist and nature enthusiast explain this one-legged standing phenomena as conserving heat (thermoregulation), fatigue reduction and standing equilibrium.

one leg heron

Portland, Oregon, licensed physical therapist and certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, Julie Gudmestad, writes,  “Obviously, keeping your equilibrium in standing balances requires fine coordination of several muscle groups. But just as important as muscle training is training the mind to be focused, present in the moment and in the pose. Over time, balancing poses teach the mind to be centered, a benefit that spills over into the rest of your life, making you better able to concentrate at work, be present with your loved ones, and savor the experiences of your life.” Online Yoga Journal, Help for Standing Balances (Take a Stand).

Nature’s Sweet Grace.