….continuation of creativity expressed

These poems are inspired by the present textile art piece I am working on.

Golden DeLight
I Am Awareness and Energy
in a place of Being and Knowing
I Am a Sovereign Being, here now
in a place of living Fully, Happily and Growing
breath in, breath out
breath in, breath out
breath in, breath out
I AM my hearts Golden DeLight


Nature’s Sweet DeLight
Opportunity arises
a breeze flows through the air
My branches are dancing, swaying and moving
to Nature’s Sweet DeLight
All around me nature’s sweet grace dances together
to the celestial music composed in the air
As the breeze moves on to my branches graced in stillness
universal source nourishes the dance within

With Sweet Grace.


Expression from the Other Side

Non-dominant hand wants to come out and play!

Simplicity and play are two facets of pure soulful expression that I like to share with others through many art forms and processes.  The seed for this art process was planted back in November when visiting a local vendor fair. I purchased several origami star bursts from a young boy who had his own vendor table (next to his mom’s!) using colorful post-its as his paper source. Yes to supporting a young budding artist!

Origami Star Bursts

The motion, colors and 16 rays kept the curiosity flowing and led me to the next step – painting these star bursts using a new tool I’ve wanted to explore for an upcoming art event. The tool is called a sponge stick and many artists use these for blending charcoal and pastels, they are also used for crafts. Let’s see what happens when we use watercolor paints! Once I started making marks on the paper a texture appeared that brought on a feeling of new birth, something wanting to come forth from the painterly marks. The space between the painterly marks became the space between each thought and breath, a graceful dance and meditation. Now on to sharing this process with others.

sponge sticks

star bursts

But wait! Let’s add another element, painting with our non-dominant hand! Yes to gifts from the universe, a recent fall and wrist fracture of my dominant hand – this art process has allowed me, and my left side, to express movement and change while staying in the present moment, exploring new patterns with different color pallets and simply being open to process. Creating in this way has always empowered me in service to working with others. This time around with love, compassion and purpose heightened to a new level of awareness. I am grateful for this.

We are all conduits of pure Source energy where creativity and natural forces of nature flow.  Bring on your expression from the other side.

With Sweet Grace.



Shaping Our World

Comes from Within

At one time it was thought the world was flat.

At one time, it was thought the world was flat.


It was eventually discovered the world is round.

What truly shapes our world? Leading from the heart.

What truly shapes our world? Leading from the heart.

A Kevin and Theresa graduation card collaboration for our daughter’s boyfriend graduating from the Air Force Academy. Hats off, high in the sky, to Jon Remiasz!

With Sweet Grace.

Painting Our Cosmos

With Spectacular Swirling Patterns

What started out as Art Play is now a galactic exploration into the birth of stars, nebulas, flow lines, fractals, spiral motion, and The Great Attractor. From this exploration, Painting Our Cosmos came to be — a simple and fun way to create your own cloud of gas and dust within a galaxy of wonderment.

After a star is born….

over the next few million years, winds blow the surrounding gas into spectacular swirling patterns. It blows away the gas, it blows away the dust, and lets us see this beautiful new thing, this place where the star was born.
How Stars are Formed and Born

nebula (a massive cloud of gas and dust in outer space) is sometimes the birthplace of stars. The Orion Nebula where new stars — a youthful million years old — are still forming is a great example. Google nebula images and be wowed by the display of colors and swirling patterns.

Left: Rosette Nebula, Right: Orion Nebula


Painting Our Cosmos

What you’ll need to get started:

  • Two sheets of glass or plexiglass (use plexiglass when working with kids).       At least 3/8″ to 1/4″ thick for durability. The glass in the video is 19″ in diameter. The two sheets are repurposed for Art Play. The glass came from being used as table tops.
  • Acrylic paints or tempera paints, including several metallic paints.
  • Large sheets of paper or art board that cover the glass, black captures the cosmos and space.
  • Sink or tub with water for cleaning along with rags.
  • Your curious and playful nature!

The Process:

  • Squirt dabs of paint on the first sheet of glass, three to five colors.
  • Place the second sheet of glass on top and watch the colors mush together.
  • Swirl the top glass clockwise about 3/4 of the way around. The more you move the glass in the circular motion, the more the colors blend and sometimes over blend. It’s all about process. Experiment with different circular motions, 180 to 360 degrees or more, and see what resonates to your liking.
  • Separate the glass carefully, there will be suction from the paint. It is helpful to have the top glass be off center from the bottom glass so you have an edge to grab.
  • Make a print from each glass. Pat down lightly with your hands, yet firm enough to make a nice print. I find when using a roller the paint smears.
  • Use different colored paper. Have fun! Yes, it’s possible to make two prints from the same sheet of glass.
  • Name your creation.
  • Clean glass and start all over!

Before cleaning the glass take a look at the texture and colors. Both on the glass and paper you’ll see where the paint makes extraordinary branching patterns. Nature in action here! Both the spiral motion of rotating the glass, and the branching patterns from the paint are patterns found in nature (e.g., spiral-sunflower, pine cone, fingerprint; branching-rivers, tree branches, lightening) and in galaxies.

Cheers to the birth of new stars!

With Sweet Grace.

Artful Formations

Through Nature’s Patterns and Observations


Cosmos Painting & NASA Cosmos space photo
kale & Matcha Tea Smoothie
Garden Kale & Matcha Green Tea Smoothie
Pine Cone & Basket
Basket Weaving & Pine Cone


With Sweet Grace.


Black Circle

A Window to Your Infinite Creative Potential

Great Mystery

What are your perceptions of black? Scientifically it is known that black absorbs light and is the absence of color. From what we wear, our surrounding environment, to how we feel, the color black contributes to our well-being. On another level, black represents the womb filled with infinite possibilities. Black is symbolic of the Great Mystery. My introduction to black in this way was through Judith Cornell, Ph.D (Rajita Sivananda). During her Luminous Mandala retreats we worked with black paper where our light wands (colored pencils) made visible our invisible world through symbols, patterns and colors. In one exercise from her Mandala Healing Kit Workbook, Judith asks us to look into the center of a black circle and spend a minute simply looking:

What do you see when you look into the blackness of the circle?

If you are like most people, your answer will be: “Nothing!” If you see no-thing, you are seeing correctly. That is because the dazzling black light of your unknowable being — the face you had before you were born — is formless. You really are no-body!……When you look into an ordinary silver-backed mirror, what you see is only the light and shadow reflections caused by the forms of your human body and other surrounding objects. But the human face you see in the mirror every morning is ephemeral — it is the mask that you as spirit put on to have a human experience and will take off the day that your physical body dies. It is not the real you.

Being a no-body does not mean you are empty or barren. Quite the contrary. Your invisible, unmanifest radiant black light of consciousness is filled with infinite creative potential, innate wisdom and transcendent beauty. This is much more magnificent than being a physical body and a limited personality.

Judith Cornell, PhD, The Mandala Healing Kit

Judith Cornell, Ph.D (Rajita Sivananda) transitioned from her body May 2010.

After many years working with Judith Cornell’s Luminous Mandalas as a healing arts tool, I truly feel and see the beauty within me and everywhere around me. What started out as a personal healing practice is now a transformative art tool I share with individuals, group classes, retreats and workshops. It all began, and begins, with the black circle.

I welcome you to explore the black circle, a magnificent window to your universe.

With Sweet Grace.

Prayer Beads….

in Spirit with Bringing the Blessingway Into Your Life


I made this strand of Prayer Beads for my sister ten years ago. During this period I also participated in Rhonda Day-Kooy’s Four-Fold Way Cross-Cultural studies group at the Blue Feather Books and Botanicals in LaGrange, Il.  Most recently, I came across these Prayer Beads going through my sister’s belongings after her passing. Viewing them I am awed by the Prayer Bead’s physical beauty; the colors, shapes, translucency, earthly materials and symbolism. The daily practice, “Bringing the Blessingway Into Your Life” is simple, timeless, and yet so powerful; a teaching from Angeles Arrien’s Four-Fold Way® CD Series, The Warrior, The Healer, The Teacher, The Visionary. 

Today’s Life Affirming Action: In gratitude, and with great love, I share this daily practice, The Blessingway, with you today.

With Sweet Grace.