….continuation of creativity expressed

These poems are inspired by the present textile art piece I am working on.

Golden DeLight
I Am Awareness and Energy
in a place of Being and Knowing
I Am a Sovereign Being, here now
in a place of living Fully, Happily and Growing
breath in, breath out
breath in, breath out
breath in, breath out
I AM my hearts Golden DeLight


Nature’s Sweet DeLight
Opportunity arises
a breeze flows through the air
My branches are dancing, swaying and moving
to Nature’s Sweet DeLight
All around me nature’s sweet grace dances together
to the celestial music composed in the air
As the breeze moves on to my branches graced in stillness
universal source nourishes the dance within

With Sweet Grace.



….a continuation of creativity expressed

Light Warrior
Light Investigator
Light Be-er
Sometimes I just
can’t stop writing
about Light!


As I begin this brand new day
in my light Beingness way
I extend filaments of joy and love
just as the breeze carries the flight of a dove


I Love All of You
every crevice, every turn, every particle
All of You
your smile, your doubting self, your curious nature
All of You
inside and out, outside and in, heart space everywhere now
All of You
all that you live, all that you are, all that embraces you
All of You
every thread of your universe, every presence of your Being
All of You
I Love All of You


Mandala drawings in the morning light for future paintings or textile art.

mandala    mandala

mandala    mandala

With Sweet Grace.


….a continuation of creativity expressed

children's art

Young Children’s Art is…
– innocent, intuitive, expressive, playful, exploratory, in the present, and in your face honest
– messy, muddy, rainbowy, scribbly, splattery, tangly, so everywhere, and so wildly spectacular

it’s hard to imagine a world without children’s art
it’s easy to imagine children’s art being a teacher to us all

Everywhere Now on Our Planet
To leave one’s environment
and enter another
expands the world of knowing
new worlds come into view
to explore and discover
bridging together realms we once knew

Be present in it all
for change is constant
slow down and groove to a new rhythm
live in this world and not of it
to be happy and uncover
spiraling wisdom everywhere now on our planet

With Sweet Grace.


Poetry comes in many forms. Infinite possibilities, from letter to letter, word to word, line to line. Another avenue for creativity to flow.

Exploring the themes of children, nature, art and consciousness, here are a select few to begin with from my musings. More to come. Enjoy!

Portraits from Within
Portraits from within
unleashes swirls of color
sparks of light
in an ocean of eternity
the hum and vibration
radiate outward
attracting a resonance
of being
portraits from within

Dashes and Dots
dots and dashes
..-..-.. dashes and dots
..-..-..-..-.. making marks in so many spots
small and big
..-..-.. big and small
..-..-..-..-.. didn’t know they could get so tall
make some yourself
..-..-.. you’ll see
it’s dashes and dots
..-..-.. calling the shots!

Comes Clarity
through the thick
dense fog
comes clarity

from soft
and fuzzy
to soft
and clear

it speaks
with silence
and listens
with focus

through the thick
dense fog
comes clarity

With Sweet Grace. 

The Mother Tree

A gift to all children in a story of letting go

The Mother Tree

Mother Tree: Hello Children! Can you feel it? The time has come. Your color is changing and you will soon fly off on your own. Your friend Mother Earth is ready to receive you. It’s OK, she will be your guide through a magical and transformative journey that holds great meaning and purpose. You’ll nourish the earth with new growth as deep rich compost. The same way the children who came before you have done. The animals will play and dance around you. A human child will pick you up and admire your beauty. Every bud that blossoms in the Spring will give thanks for your journey.

Children: But Mother Tree, I am scared to let go. What is it like to fly down to Mother Earth?

Mother Tree: Dear Children, there is nothing to fear. You have many friends along the way supporting you. Your friend Sun provides the light within you that flows with everlasting love. You’ll be carried away by your friend Wind and create an amazing dance together. Wind says there are many ways to fly. Who shall be the first?!

Children: Mother Tree, look at me! I’m twirling! Mother Tree, look at me! I’m floating! Mother Tree, look at me! I’m gliding! Mother Tree, look at me! I’m waltzing! Mother Tree, look at me! I’m circling! Mother Tree, look at me! I’m flying!

 Mother Tree: Know that you are deeply loved my children. Know that you are deeply loved. I love you.

Sunshine Love

Photography and storytelling love to collaborate with each other when it comes to Expressive Arts. For your next creative project, photograph an image, scene or person that interests you and write a short story. Short stories create a moment for taking the next step to longer writings. They make for the perfect daily writing exercise.

With Sweet Grace.

Prayer Beads….

in Spirit with Bringing the Blessingway Into Your Life


I made this strand of Prayer Beads for my sister ten years ago. During this period I also participated in Rhonda Day-Kooy’s Four-Fold Way Cross-Cultural studies group at the Blue Feather Books and Botanicals in LaGrange, Il.  Most recently, I came across these Prayer Beads going through my sister’s belongings after her passing. Viewing them I am awed by the Prayer Bead’s physical beauty; the colors, shapes, translucency, earthly materials and symbolism. The daily practice, “Bringing the Blessingway Into Your Life” is simple, timeless, and yet so powerful; a teaching from Angeles Arrien’s Four-Fold Way® CD Series, The Warrior, The Healer, The Teacher, The Visionary. 

Today’s Life Affirming Action: In gratitude, and with great love, I share this daily practice, The Blessingway, with you today.

With Sweet Grace.

Small Acts of Kindness

   A Legacy to His Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren

Over the last several years I have witnessed my dad in action delivering small acts of kindness to those around him. –– For Sunday evening meals I, and other family members, have the pleasure of getting together with my dad. When he sees a family with young children in the restaurant, on our way out he’ll make sure to tell them they are a nice look’n family. –– When at a doctor’s appointment, he tells the nurses and doctors that they are nice people and they do good work. –– When greeting the staff where he lives he let’s them know they do a fine job caring for him. ––  Always kinds words and a Thank You to his family during our time together. 

His small acts of kindness are occasionally accompanied by light-hearted kid’n around. He always tells me, “I like kidding around and I like to be kidded back.”

On our last outing I asked my dad if he could go anywhere in the world, where would it be. He replied, ” I’m happy right where I’m at, I don’t need to go anywhere. I am happy.”

In essence, each act of kindness is an expression of his heart’s pleasure. My dad sees the good in all. He is happy.

Nature’s Sweet Grace.