Nature’s Sweet Grace

nature and bird watching

That’s me!  Sweet Grace says it all. Where I am, in the here and now, flowing in sweet grace vibrations. I love walks in nature, gathering with friends and family, creating art in groups, children and play, quiet space, discovering and exploring my inner and outer world, looking into your eyes and seeing your greatness, embracing simplicity and beauty, and so much more!

Thank you for connecting with Nature’s Sweet Grace, a platform to share with you my life’s wisdom and creative expression.

I create so others can create.

Using art as a tool for self expression and the creative process, I find myself embraced in the world of color, texture, movement, vibration, and sparks that are birthing new worlds! This space engages me with extraordinary feelings of love. It is my intention that what I create is shared with you, and for you to create and share with others – the ripple in the pond.

With sweet grace,


2 thoughts on “Nature’s Sweet Grace

  1. Just reading over your tag cloud is pure poetry. You embody and incorporate into your life and blog the very things that make me so full of gratitude for the gift of simply living.
    Cheers to you!

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