Seed to Blossom eCourse

An Exploratory Tool for Nurturing Your Creative Self

Seed to Blossom is now available as an expressive arts home-based eCourse hosted here on Nature’s Sweet Grace.

About Seed to Blossom
Seed to Blossom
 is created to support and embrace your self-expression and inner explorations into knowing one’s Self through the life of a flower. Using Seed to Blossom as a metaphor for growth and Divine purpose, you’ll be guided through an inquisitive and creative process that takes you from your seeds conception through to full bloom. It is truly a journey co-creating with Great Spirit your flowers essence – an expression of your True Essence. Your unique flower may come to life through a poem, song, quilt, painting, mural, weaving, dance or other expressive art form that resonates with your gifts, talents and adventurous spirit.

Seed to Blossom eCourse, An Exploratory Journey Co-Creating Your Unique Flower Essence

Inspiring eCourse Welcome – Blossoming Seeds
As you begin your Seed to Blossom journey, take this moment and listen to Blossoming SeedsJohn Sarantos with Native American flute. John’s Flower Essence opens this exploratory eCourse as an inspiring welcome, inviting your creative spirit to express, nourish and embrace your Seed to Blossom journey. Learn more about John’s Flower Essence and Seed to Blossom journey here.

Let’s Get Started
The Seed to Blossom Journey embraces six Exploratory Phases, with each one guiding you through the creative process from your seeds conception through to full bloom. Begin by exploring the Seed to Blossom eCourse Guide and then have fun with the Dash of Curiosity Exercise to warm up your inquisitive nature before moving on to Phase One of your Seed to Blossom journey.

eCourse Guide
Dash of Curiosity Exercise
Phase One: Conception, Establishing Existence
Phase Two: Taking Form
Phase Three: Into the Light
Phase Four: Unique and Extraordinary 
Phase Five: In Essence
Phase Six: And So It Is 

Sharing Your Seed to Blossom Journeycropped-flower
I am sharing my Seed to Blossom journey with a vision of growing the Seed to Blossom community, and for you to share your Flower Essence too! Send an inquiry to Nature’s Sweet Grace to have your Flower Essence shared with the Seed to Blossom community.

Theresa’s Flower Essence
E-Turn’l-Rae-D-Aunce PDF

The Seed That Grew to Be is Theresa’s story how this eCourse came to life!

With Sweet Grace.