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Seed to Blossom eCourse

The following eCourse Guide acts as a helpful tool for beginning your Seed to Blossom journey – an expressive arts, self-paced, home-based eCourse.

The eCourse is presented in six Exploratory Phases:

Phase One: Conception, Establishing Existence
Phase Two: Taking Form
Phase Three: Into the Light
Phase Four: Unique and Extraordinary 
Phase Five: In Essence
Phase Six: And So It Is 

Have fun with the Dash of Curiosity Exercise to warm up your inquisitive nature before moving on to Phase One of your Seed to Blossom journey. The link to Phase One is on this page.

Each Phase includes an audio introduction explaining the growth sequence you’ll be working with, inquisitive journal prompts, inspiring resources and other exploratory tools.

Listening to the audio introduction: You can listen to the audio file with media player located at the top of each Phase’s page, or click on the audio file link to load in another browser window or tab. Another option is to drag the audio file link to your desktop.

When you have completed Phase One, move onto the Phase Two. When you have completed Phase Two move onto Phase Three, etc. You may find your self breezing through one Phase and the next Phase you’ll dive deeper with lots of journaling and detail with what ever medium you are working in. This eCourse is self-paced so there is no right or wrong way to move through it.

There is a life force energy that flows through each us and connects us to the great mystery of life. It is this infinite creative source energy that supports and co-creates with our intuitive self.

The self-paced eCourse is ideal for the co-creative process to take place. You can work at your own pace whenever you like which allows for flexibility and creativity. Your Seed to Blossom journey has the opportunity to flow and grow organically.

Have a journal for writing and sketching. The other materials will be determined by the medium you’ll be working with. E.g., musical instruments, sewing materials, camera, computer, colored pencils and pens, water colors and brushes, etc. If you are not sure what medium to embrace for your Seed to Blossom journey, begin by focusing on the journal writing and sketching. Here are idea starters that can spark what medium you’ll enjoy working with. What kind of work do you do, how do you express yourself with others, what do you do for fun, in what environment do you feel comfortable creating, which type of experience resonates with you the most – visual, auditory or tactile?

Venturing on your Seed to Blossom journey requires carving out designated parts of the day for journaling and creating – free from distractions, to do lists, phones and email. These are your self-full moments for exploration and self-expression.

I share videos and article excerpts which are representations of plants and flowers as we presently know them in our physical world. They are inspired intentions for you to go BEYOND what we know here – imagine the impossible and the fantastical. Roots can be rainbow swirls, stems are tubular beams of light, leaves sing when touched, buds pulsate like beating drums and flower blossoms open up to display shooting stars!

After you have completed a Phase answer its journal inquiry prompts. These act as guides for embracing the essence of each Phase and play a key role in self awareness. They may also bring about observations and further inquiries for changes that aligns each step along your journey.

Setting an intention brings meaning and purpose to your co-creative journey. Intentions also act as stepping stones for next steps. Begin the Seed to Blossom eCourse with an intention in writing and spoken aloud.

With hands on heart set an intention for your inward journey to enter another realm of co-creating with Great Spirit (or other creation source) – e.g., my intention for Seed to Blossom is for learning more about myself through an exploratory growth process; my intention for Seed to Blossom is to create a flower beyond my wildest imagination that serves the highest good of all.

Set an intention before beginning each Phase and upon completing the eCourse for closure.

Allow for the creativity to flow through you. Let go of the I shoulds and replace them with if I could I would and what if, without judgement and being attached to an outcome. This brings out the possibilities, allowing for choices and the opportunity to choose. What else is possible here? What if this seed glowed in the dark or what if the seed had a trillion seeds within its shell? If I could I would travel to a distant planet and explore its plant life. What would I find there? What if it is a flower from the future and it is being brought here to serve a purpose now? Ask questions that allow for opportunities to present themselves. Many times they show up while we are right in the middle of creating and in the flow, while taking a walk and even in our dreams. Let go of designing by education. Be guided by the intuitive process, that inner feeling and knowng. Call on your flower and ask how you can share it’s spirit out in the world and embody it’s life force essence. Your flower essence already exists, you are being reawakened to living and creating consciously with it!

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