Dash of Curiosity

Seed to Blossom eCourse

Before heading over to Phase One, warm up your inquisitive nature with a dash of curiosity!

Curiosity Exercise
After viewing the three paintings by artist Fritz Millevoix, journal with the following questions and expand on any details you’d like to add about the fruit, land and person in each painting.

What if it was possible to grow fruit this large! What would the seed look like? How big or small is the seed? What type of plant structure would hold this size fruit? How heavy or light is the fruit? Do the people have super powers to carry this size fruit? What part of the world/universe does it grow? Or is it from another galaxy? What is the fruit used for? Is it even called a fruit? What if this size fruit had a special name, what would it be?

Keep your inquisitive nature flowing!

painting by artist Fritz Millevoixpainting by artist Fritz Millevoix

painting by artist Fritz Millevoix

Now your warmed up and ready to begin Phase One!


Phase One: Conception, Establishing Existence
Phase Two: Taking Form
Phase Three: Into the Light
Phase Four: Unique and Extraordinary 
Phase Five: In Essence
Phase Six: And So It Is