Phase Four: Unique and Extraordinary

Seed to Blossom eCourse

 Unique and Extraordinary Audio

With hands on heart, set an intention for being Unique and Extraordinary.

In great detail, write and sketch (or medium of your choice) your Structure, Buds, Petals and Heart.

  • Structure (leaf, stem, color, scent, climbing vine, attraction (animals, insects, people, energy) reproductive system, fruit, seed pod, other)
  • Buds (how many, how often, shape, size, color, other)
  • Petals (tubular, flat, round, texture, how many, other)
  • Heart (blossom, coherence, essence, other)

Journal Inquiries
As I embody all parts of me………
As I prepare to unfold……….
As I present my beauty……….
As I feel my life force……….

Movement Play
Bring your child-like nature out to play! Be the seed; planted in your garden, bursting through into the light, growing in all directions, feeling your heartbeat, developing buds, opening to full blossom, and interacting with your companion plants and other nature creatures. A flower uses the energy of ALL its parts to bloom!

Express your growth sequence through Movement Play by:

  • dancing to music
  • going outside for shadow play when the sun is just right in the sky, early morning or early evening, making for a nice LONG shadow
  • moving your body in front of a full-length mirror, enjoying the growth process through your reflection
  • asking a friend or family member to take a video of you moving through your growth sequence


The Relationship Between Plants and Insects

Louie Schwartzberg: the hidden beauty of pollination
TED Talks Video

In the world of landscaping, plants are often if not always chosen for their aesthetic value. For most gardeners, it is the beauty of the flower that matters, rather than the biological processes it represents. However, flowers don’t exist primarily for our enjoyment, but rather for the plants they adorn. Their beauty is not for us, but for the reproduction of their own species. In this context, the perfect flower is, indeed, the most perfect flower, whether or not it is the most aesthetically beautiful. 
Landscaping Answers: What is a perfect flower?

Patterns in Nature


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Phase Four: Unique and Extraordinary 
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