Phase One: Conception, Establishing Existence

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Gather your journal and materials, it’s now time to begin.

With hands on heart, set an intention for Conception-Establishing Existence.

In great detail, write and sketch (or medium of your choice) your Garden, Location, Seed, Seed planting, Meditation and Ceremony.

  • Garden (wild, botanical, tropical, cosmic, other)
  • Location (soil, climate, space, season, planet, other)
  • Seed (size, color, saliva, micro design, perennial, annual; purpose – nutritional, medicinal, vibrational, decor, celebration, other)
  • Seed planting (physically by hand, floating/flying/landing, transported by creature, other) Create a meditation and ceremony honoring the seeds’ journey.

Journal Inquiries
As I envision my place of existence………
As I embrace my surroundings……….
As I hold within me all that I Am……….
As I plant my home……..

Creating Your Meditation
Your meditation does not need be long. Include an opening, intention, the feeling and vision of the seed journey, and a closing. Writing a meditation is a form of storytelling. You are being guided through a journey to sense and feel. Create a meditation that speaks to you.

Meditation examples for inspiration:

Seed Meditation – planting by hand
This can be enacted outside or read as a guided meditation while sitting in a chair.

As I stand under the light of the full moon I open with a prayer to Great Spirit (or other creation Source).

Oh Great Spirit, it is in gratitude, beauty and coherence with all that I plant this seed. For this seed holds the essential codes and master blueprint that aligns my vibrant well Be-ing here on planet earth.

As I put this seed in my mouth I roll it gently around. After several swirls I hold it in place with my tongue on the roof of my mouth. In this moment the seed receives and holds life’s ever sustaining grace. When ready, I take the seed from my mouth and plant it in the soil under the light of the full moon. Thank You. And so it is.

Seed Meditation – other
As I close my eyes I am pure consciousness of the night sky and centered in a spacious gas-filled cloud of colors. Each color swirling and dancing with shimmering and twinkling lights. Two twinkling lights connect together as one and burst open taking the form of a glowing pearlescent seed. The seed floats throughout the colorful gas-filled cloud in gratitude to all the other twinkling and shimmering lights. The seed disappears and reappears on a planet like no other, with natures beauty abound. The pearlescent seed floats and twirls until it finds its way to a landing pad, well-marked and ready to receive the seed. The pearlescent seed lands on a soft pad, then slowly sinks and disappears into the unknown. As I open my eyes I smile.

Creating Your Ceremony
Ceremony can be kept simple such as lighting a candle and saying a prayer, going outside and talking with the night stars, or it can be filled with meaningful ritual, symbolism, embellishments, dance and song. Create a ceremony that speaks to you.

Ceremony example for inspiration:

Seed Planting Ceremony
I create an altar with a beautiful woven cloth that represents our connection to each other and the Great Mystery. I place four small bowls, a candle and a singing bowl on the tapestry. The location of my altar is next to a window where I can see the outside nature and with the window open I hear nature sounds. I light the candle (eternal light) and cling the singing bowl (sound vibration) and begin my meditation.

After the meditation I fill each bowl with a different offering; dirt (womb), pink water (nature’s sweet tears), flower petals (beauty) and sweets (gratitude). I put on a selected piece of music and create a dance expressing the seed journey through to planting.

Before beginning each Phase I light the candle, cling the singing bowl and set an intention for my next step of the journey.

Follow your intuitive nature for creating your meditation and ceremony. Your creative process may want to dance, sing or unfold in another expressive way.


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Phase One: Conception, Establishing Existence
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