Phase Six: And So It Is

Seed to Blossom eCourse

 And So It Is Audio

With hands on heart, set an intention for sharing your Seed to Blossom journey and bringing closure for this eCourse.

Give your Flower Essence a name, express its purpose:

My name is _______________________________

My Divine Purpose ______________________________


Flower = Beauty
Essence = Extraordinary Self
Beauty + Extraordinary Self = (your Flower Essence name)

Journal Inquiries
As I give my Flower Essence a name……..
As I express my Flowers’ Essence………
As I share with the world around me……..

Grounding Through Collaborations
Being grounded allows you to consciously be present with your co-creation. Ground your Flower Essence into your waking world. Be it…know it…feel it…acknowledge it…celebrate it…share it. Your Flower Essence is meant to be shared.

Grounding and sharing your Flower Essence:
Partner with another expressive art form: e.g., if you painted your flower also create a dance, write a story or poem; if you played a musical instrument to express your flower, create a dance or paint a canvas.

Express your Flower Essence through life affirming action with those close to you, family and friends. Then with co-workers and out into community. E.g., My Flower Essence name is Wildly Playful. My purpose is play, spontaneity and adventure. With family I plan a surprise day trip to a local nature preserve we’ve never been to.

Send an inquiry to Nature’s Sweet Grace to have your Flower Essence shared with the Seed to Blossom community. (Dropbox noted in audio not available, Gallery coming soon!)

The saying goes, it’s the journey not the destination. You have participated in the Seed to Blossom journey co-creating your Unique Flower Essence. Go now and continue on your journey, weave your new-found essence into your daily life, in all your relationships, to what is present in each moment. Your Flower Essence flows through every breath, twinkle in the eyes and ripple in your heart’s pond. And so it is.


MOMIX reMIX in Crete | marigolds

She inhales nature and exhales dance. 
Dancer Anna Halprin Documentary
Ruedi Gerber, Director of Breath Made Visible


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