Phase Three: Into the Light

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 Into the Light Audio
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With hands on your heart, set an intention for Into the Light.

In great detail, write and sketch (or medium of your choice) your Bursting through, Companion plants, and Growth.

  • Bursting through (energy giving birth to a new world, the unknown, light, other)
  • Companion plants (communication, co-create, vibration, other)
  • Growth (light, coherence, lunar phases, rhythm, continuous, fluid, organic, area/room to grow, vibrance, other)

Journal Inquiries
As I enter the light……..
As I connect with the world around me……..
As I grow to my full size……..

Rhythmic Storytelling
Create a short story or poem about one of your companion plants and your relationship to each other. Now sing your story. Create rhythm and movement with your breath. Every breath is a musical meditation and vibrational ripple, touching every subatomic particle in your body and the universe, seen and unseen. Allow your singing voice to be an instrument for joy, healing, spirit and personal power.

Companion Plants: Short Story and Rhythmic Poem (PDF)
Companion Plants: Short Story and Rhythmic Poem (PDF)

 Rhythmic Poem Audio: You are I & I are You

You are I & I are You
So soft and warm
And nourishing too
Moss covered limbs
Awaken me to you

With an array of color
To walk on hue
A blanket is spread
For life rings true

With deep deep roots
Stand tall with sky blue
Connecting with Source
Together we create a new

Today is tomorrow and tomorrow today
Starlight sings twinkle-twinkle-de-do
Magnificence shines in all directions
A clear vision with extraordinary view

twinkle-de-de, twinkle-de-da
twinkle-de-di, twinkle-de-do

Sing out, sing out
You are I & I are You


Daniel Csobot
Video, Macro timelapse

Agrohomeopathy: An introduction to Healing Plants and Planet with Homeopathy
Website Article

Singing Plants at Damanhur

No reference to time, nature is circular with continuous flow. One seed may take 3-4 weeks to germinate and pop through the soil. Those 3-4 weeks on another planet or in another realm could equal ten thousand years or one wink of an eye. 
Theresa Suchy McGraw, Nature’s Sweet Grace


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