Phase Two: Taking Form

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With hands on your heart, set an intention for Taking Form.

In great detail, write and sketch (or medium of your choice) your Type, Nourishment and Roots.

  • Type (tree, bush, stem, vine, undiscovered other)
  • Nourishment (sustaining, resilience, receiving/giving, spiritual, other)
  • Roots (deep or near the surface, rootless, suspended, other)

Journal Inquiries
As I envision my organic architecture………
As I flow from within……..
As I begin to take form……..

Nourish Yourself
It takes energy to create! On your Seed to Blossom journey it’s important to incorporate daily self-care for body, mind and spirit.

Body: Eat the rainbow! This plant strong recipe is full of micronutrients, color, light and deliciousness. Move the body! Go for walks, dance like no one’s watching, stretch to the sky, schedule a massage, give yourself a big hug, yoga, Qigong. What feels light to you?
Mind: Turn your nature walks into walking meditations. Practice mindfulness in being aware of each step and body movement. At several points throughout your walk, stop to look around and become fully aware of your surroundings; the sounds, air, light, color and smells.
Spirit: Read inspirational quotes and short stories, laugh with a friend, or try something you’ve never done before. Our soul loves adventure!


Living Sunlight
Children’s Book  (take a look inside)
Teacher’s Guide

Root Systems by Brilliant Botany

Stefano Mancuso: The roots of plant

The Root of All Purpose is LOVE!
Yes, of course, at the root of all purpose is love. So, to jump to the punch line – your purpose here on this planet, today and every day, is simply to love. The great news is that there is a multitude of opportunities that will enable you to connect with your root purpose.
Nanice Ellis, Author & Life Coach

Eat the Sun Movie

Spiritual Nutrition, feeding the body, nourishing the spirit
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