The Seed That Grew to Be

Theresa’s Story

Zinnia Flower – It was the Zinnia that inspired the question, Who created this beautiful flower?

This home study eCourse came together through my love of nature and personal inward journey getting to know myself. Flowers for me have been, and still are, a window to the extraordinary. I recall the first time I looked at a flower with a knowing it was so much more than a flower. I became aware of its beauty, exquisite design and reflection of a world that connected me to something much larger. I asked myself, “Who created this beautiful flower?” This one question opened the window to seeing the magnificence in all of creation, and with this awareness a seed was planted. Little did I know at the time that it would grow to become Seed to Blossom.

I have come across many flowers, each unique in their color, patterns, design and purpose. Some take on the appearance of animals, fire and even faces. There are flowers that are edible, medicinal, or known for their beauty and have a symbolic language all their own. Did you know there are over 1 million flower species in the world, some yet unnamed. The number could be infinite! Imagine that! And though there are an infinite number of flower species, like that of a flower, you also hold a unique purpose that is meant to be shared.

It is my intention that Seed to Blossom be a window for those willing to go deeper with an adventurous and creative spirit into knowing one’s Self through the life of a flower.

With immense delight, I welcome you to Seed to Blossom, An Extraordinary Journey Co-Creating Your Unique Flower Essence.

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