Music, Dance & Nature

Trinity for the Arts

Music begins the first time our heart starts beating, then in rhythm with our mothers heart beat. From here on we begin nature’s song and dance with nature and as nature. Sharing videos that express this in a variety of wonderous ways.

Nature is ever-changing through Nature’s Dance, Lena Elboim

My Roots Grow Down through the song and voice of child.

Meaningful connections to nature through Natural Leaders Legacy Camp.

Performance Art with a Feathered Friend

Marie-Laure et Bayo - La Confidence des Oiseaux de Cie Le Guet...
Marie-Laure et Bayo – La Confidence des Oiseaux de Cie Le Guet…

John Sarantos with Native American Flute, Blossoming Seeds
Welcome to Seed to Blossom eCourse.


With Sweet Grace.

Ageless Grace and Musical Vibrations

F. Chopin, Valse, Opus 64-No. 2

My neighbor, 82 years young, is a classical piano teacher. She’s been teaching for 50 years! I have the pleasure of listening to her play almost everyday…through the walls. Sound and musical vibrations travel! She lives on the second floor back apartment and I live on the first floor front apartment. When I hear her play, usually late afternoon, I stop what I am doing and listen, taking in every note and graceful touch of the piano keys.

Recently I saw my neighbor (choosing to stay anonymous) as she was leaving and I was entering our building. I expressed to her how much I enjoy her classical piano music and asked if I could take a video of her playing and share it on Nature’s Sweet Grace blog. She agreed. The intentions for creating this video also ties in with a fitness & wellness program I take part in called Ageless Grace, Timeless Fitness for the Body and Brain which is based on the science of neuroplasticity. Her piano playing is a beautiful expression of Ageless Grace and the body, mind & spirit connection.

Music is what I love. When playing classical piano you use the brain and the whole body – head, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers all the way down to the feet.

Get to know your neighbors. You never know what gifts and talents they are ready to share with you. Enjoy F. Chopin, Valse, Opus 64-No. 2!

With Sweet Grace.

Music All Around Us

In Concert With Nature, Stars and Humans

Plant Music

At home, healthy and thriving plants surround me. Conscious of our vibrational connection I talk with them everyday. With words I tell them, You are magnificent! Look at your new leaf. Wow, you are getting so big! With heart I stand and be with them. Can you feel the plants making music around you?

Message To Eagle website informs us that plants are very much alive with the capacity to learn and communicate.

Singing Plants at Damanhur | Des plantes qui jouent de la musique (15:32)

Star Music

Talking with the stars is like connecting with star brothers and star sisters. Listening to their music is wondrous and mysterious.

Music With the Stars (3:11)

Symphonies of the Planets 2 – NASA Voyager Recordings (10:01)

Symphonies of the Planets  CD 1 (30:53)

Humans Humming

Cosmic Hum is Jonathan Goldman’s newest CD. Jonathan is a pioneer and teacher of sound healing and harmonics.

Cosmic-Hum- by Jonathan Goldman
Booklet comes with CD explaining the creation and use of the recording.

A big thank you to Tom and Denise for sharing the plant and star music links.

Nature’s Sweet Grace.